Project Description

Pop-Up Hairdresser’s Salon

Broadway Market, East London

Design Collaborator: Javier Ortega

Maker: Kai Schulz

Client: Private

Date: 2017

Photography: Jaime Gil Larios (

This pop-up hairdresser’s salon stood in the basement of a second-hand furniture shop for nearly a year. The challenge of this design is to efficiently arrange the equipment of an entire hair salon in a 2.3m x 3.3m area. This is resolved with the ergonomic and careful design of an ‘island’ that houses all the equipment that a hairdresser needs, including a small sink, a dish-drying area and coffee making facilities. This island splits the salon into two – one area for cutting hair and one for washing. On the opposite site, a backlit surface that features random shadows of stored furniture lights up the salon.