Project Description

Future Stand

Client: University of Suffolk (Department of Arts, Design and Humanities)

Design collaborator: Uli Gamper

Maker: Rob Howard

The Future Stand installation was created to attract students to University of Suffolk’s stand at the annual UCAS shows. Inspired by the creative processes that take place in the department of Arts, Design and Humanities and as a reaction against the current oversaturating high-tech culture, this low-tech installation aims at a participatory, creative and artistic experience and dialogue that is recorded on paper.

Responding to the colour coding of the University’s courses, coloured cubes carrying iPads with course material presentations can freely move along the horizontal surface of the installation depending on the random flow of people around it. This random movement of the cubes is ‘archived’ on paper using coloured pastels that are fixed on the bases of the cubes. The ‘archiving’ of these random activities that take place at the installation is then exhibited vertically as soon as the paper is rolled up.