• “Critical Convergence: Greek Contemporary Artists in dialogue with the (recent) past” [curated series of screenings], City of Valletta European Capital of Europe and DRHA2018 – Creative Legacies – Collaborative Practices for Digital Cultural Heritage, Fondazzjoni Kreattivita, Valletta (Malta), September 2018
  •  “Helix3.obj”, The Wrong [Again] – New Digital Art Biennale, Vitoria (Brazil), April – June 2016
  • “Waiting for Moby Dick” [exhibition contribution with Dr Stamatis Zografos], The Mail Art on Books, Antikvariaatti Sofia, Helsinki (Finland), February 2016
  •  “L’Oresteia à travers les arhives de Xenakis” [exhibition research with Dr Dimitris Exarchos], Opéra Bastille, Paris (France), April 2015
  •  “Blazing Buildings” [curated projection of the work by Dr Stamatis Zografos], DRHA2014 – Communication Futures: Connecting interdisciplinary design practices in arts/culture, academia and the creative industries, University of Greenwich galleries, London (UK), August – September 2014
  • “Fabrica Utopia” [film curator of the festival], Andros (Greece), July 2014
  • “Cities Methodologies 2014 – Buildings on Fire: Towards a New Approach to Urban Memory” [curated exhibition with Dr Stamatis Zografos], Urban Lab – Slade Research Centre, London (UK), April – May 2014
  • The Return of the Drive-in Cinema” [proposal for the regeneration of the urban environment and construction into a 3D maquette], Urban Fabric, Access Space, Sheffield (UK), November 2012
  • Plan B – a joint proposal for the pavilion of post contemporary curating” (with Dr Stamatis Zografos – longlisted), The Centre of Attention, London (UK), March 2010