Exhibition Launch and Gallery Tour
Radical Immersions (Group show)

Sun 8 September, 5pm – 8pm (exhibition runs Fri 6 – Fri 20 September)

Please join us this Sunday for the opening of the exhibition “Radical Immersions” and the launch of the Digital Research in the Humanities and the Arts (DRHA 2019) conference!

With works by disnovation.org, Claudia Dutson, Dasha Ilina, Danae Io, Gretta Louw, Hans Overliet, Guli Silberstein and Judith Sönnicken. 

Curated by Klio Krajewska (Head of New Media Arts Development, Watermans) in collaboration with Elena Papadaki (University of Greenwich) and Dani Ploeger (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama).


Over the past years, immersive technologies have been hyped as consumer gadgets, entertainment media and the future of exhibition practices. The free distribution of VR headsets with smartphones and the increasing interest of museums, festivals and other cultural organisers towards immersive digital content’ have quickly turned VR and AR devices and applications into widely recognized cultural artefacts. However, just like many earlier new media’ before them, the hyperbolic promises attached to these technologies’ supposed capacity to deliver immediacy and trigger a paradigm shift in media culture have thus far hardly become reality. Meanwhile, social media platforms enable the formation of communities where members immerse themselves in networks of alternate facts and realities where conspiracy theories thrive in what at times appear to be alternate rationalities.

This group exhibition engages critically with ideas, practices and beliefs of immersion in relation to digital culture and new media. It is also part of this year’s Digital Research in the Humanities & Arts (DRHA) conference.
Please join us on Sunday 8 September for the public opening of the exhibition and the official launch of the DRHA conference.